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So let me help. The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice is important to your preparation for the AP English Literature exam because it covers a timeless debate about racial and religious supremacy. They studied theology together until his death.

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The actual story is too complicated to briefly summarize, so trust the numbers and read this play before taking the test. He uses the family drama of the character Antigone to highlight this. Above all else, Heart of Darkness effectively explores and answers questions about morality and how the ambiguity of right and wrong can justify actions.

Questions and prompts about Othello may be concerned with issues of an isolated character and characteristics that contribute to that isolation. Churchill has presented the many strengths of women, that men are not seen to have.

In other words, Churchill has traversed the dramatic spectrum, from word and sound alone in her radio plays, to a greater and greater emphasis on space and movement in her more recent work. The story in itself is a study in power and its dangers. WH is a good example of Gothic Romanticism that deals heavily with questions of emotion and violence.

Those points throughout the story inform your reading of Great Expectations, not the purpose of the novel itself. This made it an even harder struggle emotionally and physically for Joan and shows that women are able to take on much more than what we are only expected to do.

Conclusion Now that you have such a list of possibilities, which ones will you choose to study.

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Perhaps as a result of this frustration, many of her plays stage a near frenzy of anti-social passion: Even though some of these characters are fictional, they still show us that women are able to make incredible achievements. These characters also show that they have always been expected to fulfill certain roles, as well as being excluded from other experiences and possibilities in life.

Greet is still seen to be very abusive, and she seems to make little sense, however her story shows the audience her strong leadership, courage and bravery. This also shows that she will take advantage of anything that will help to improve her life.

Critical perspective For more than thirty years, Caryl Churchill has been combining social commitment with theatrical experimentation. It would appear that they have indeed overcome tremendous obstacles, most commonly the loss of children.

There are clear parallels in both plays with Fen, a play set in contemporary East Anglia which dramatises the circumstances of a largely female agricultural workforce who, unlike the characters in Light Shining, have no 'revolutionary belief in the millennium' to stoke their political energies.

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She did however make some advances in society because she showed that women are able to do anything if they are pointed in the right direction. The stories overlap and compete with one another; the women sometimes listen, sometimes editorialize, and often talk at the same time.

In the beginning of the first act Greet says very little, in contrast with her agitated and vengeful speech. In contrast with the females In the audience that have a modern view of equality. Pope Joan decided to run away from home when she was twelve dressed as a boy, she was then able to dedicate her life to learning which later led to her becoming pope.

Always with Churchill there is the sense that exorbitant, utopian desires must be explored, but at the same time a recognition of the obstacles they come up against.

The sequence begins with Vinegar Tom and Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, two plays set in seventeenth-century England, but with resonances with the present. By not always making explicit what connections exist between the two parts of such contrapuntal plays, Churchill opens up a space of interrogation and uncertainty which the audience must occupy.

Act One allows these characters to express their feelings and views on equality with men. Completing Churchill's quintet of historical plays is Softcops writtenproduceda reflection on changes in the handling of criminality during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, whose macabre humour is reminiscent of Churchill's first professionally staged play, the dark comedy Owners They express their feelings about their roles in society.

Heart of Darkness is particularly useful in questions about the modern world in that it was somewhat prophetically written.

Churchill use of the several characters, from a range of time periods, creates many contradictions in the first act. Women are regarded to have greater emotional strengths; women are seen to have keen intuition of their families and health.

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Marlene has just been promoted at the Top Girls' Employment Agency. She throws a big dinner party and invites women from history, literature, and art, including Pope Joan, the female Pope.

Top girls englis lit
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